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This is me

My name is Tsion “Sunshine” Lencho. I am a CANNAFUTURIST™ and a graduate of Stanford Law School. I've been in the cannabis space longer than most and seen it all. From co-founding Supernova Women, to providing regulatory comment to California's first set of medicinal cannabis laws, my background is broad and my skills are deep. I served as the first Vice President of Legal Affairs for Flow Kana (and only black executive in the organization). Prior to Flow Kana, I was corporate counsel at Privateer Holdings, working with its portfolio companies and brands including Leafly, Tilray, Marley Natural, and Goodship. I am proudly a co-founder and former Board Chair of Supernova Women, and advisor to Quality Produce.

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I leverage my interdisciplinary background to advise cannabis and hemp entrepreneurs


I Can Do:

  • Strategy

  • Idea Implementation

  • Building block explanations

I Cannot:

  • Help you pick stocks

  • Help you compete against a client’s interest

  • Provide legal advice


I love to talk to novices and experts alike! 

  • Podcasts

  • Television Appearances

  • [Virtual] Panels & Education Sessions

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I geek out on cannabis law and policy. Let's go deep and wide to heighten the general public's knowledge of and access to quality cannabis and hemp coverage and products.

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